June 2017

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Dear Ones in Christ,

We pray that you are enjoying the summer! As you spend time with family and friends, we pray that the Lord is renewing and nourishing you in this season of rest. Exodus 33:14 reminds us that the Lord’s presence is with us wherever we go, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” We can rest assured, that the Lord is our sustainer and protector. We pray that the Lord communicates this truth to you in deep ways this season.

In June, I again had the opportunity to witness how the Lord is continually at work with the ministry in India. My dad and I left for India on June 11th. We arrived safely, and had many productive meetings while we were both on the campus in Kerala. We are thankful that we met this year’s Bible college students and the children in the children’s home. The new school year, which began the first week of June is starting off well. Please join us in prayer, as we lift up the Bible college students as they continue with their studies. Please also pray for the children, that each may know the deep love of the Lord in a refreshing way this new school year. We are thankful for your partnership in prayer, as we truly believe that the Lord responds faithfully to your prayers.

G.V. is still ministering in India, continuing to conduct meetings and disciple new believers. He plans to return to California on July 25th. Please pray that the Lord would continue to strengthen him and give him restorative nights of rest, as he prepares for each new day. Last week, my dad conducted special meetings with local churches in Mumbai. As you saw in the Spring 2017 newsletter, the Lord is working through the faithful evangelists who desire to make His name known throughout India’s financial capital. Please pray that God would continue to sustain them, and give them each what they need for each day.

We praise the Lord for His faithfulness in providing us with a new administrative assistant at our campus in Kerala. While I was at the campus, I had the opportunity to welcome her to the IEM team. She will be assisting with various tasks around the campus, and will be communicating with the U.S. office on a regular basis, informing us of campus happenings and sharing specific stories of how the ministry continues to impact people’s lives. Please pray for her and her family.

Thank you for your continued partnership in touching the lives of people in India with the Gospel. We are uplifting you in our prayers as well.

Yours in His Service,

Dayan Mathai
Executive Director

May 2017

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Beloved Ones in Christ,

Thank you so very much for remembering the ministry of IEM with your fervent prayers and faithful support. The Lord is enlarging the ministry through the preaching of His Word as we minister to the spiritual and physical needs of the people in India. We thank God for the many thousands of people who have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ over the past 51 years.

Since March, our Bible College students have been engaged in summer ministry throughout various parts of India, camping in remote villages, distributing tracts, conducting VBS programs, and witnessing from home to home. Please pray for their safety and for an effective ministry. They will be returning to IEM the end of May, and the new school year will start on June 5th.

Two weeks ago, some graduates from our Leadership Training Institute went on another Gospel tour to the northern province of Idukki, about 150 miles north of our campus. They stopped in many places to hold open-air meetings and distribute tracts. Please continue to pray that these Gospel tours will bring many people into the Kingdom.

We currently have six churches established in Idukki. Last week we were notified that one of the churches in this mountainous region was badly damaged by a severe rain storm, which is not uncommon, and happened to another church in 2011. The winds were so strong that the church roof and walls collapsed. Even heavier monsoon rains will be coming in June and July. We need to repair the building as soon as possible. Please join us in praying for the Lord’s provision and for all the believers in Idukki.

Along with the Bible College students and supported evangelists, the children in our Children’s Home are also grateful for your loving prayers and support. The Lord has been gracious in keeping them well, and they are growing strong in the joy of the Lord.

Thank you for your continued partnership with us in fulfilling the Great Commission of our Lord. We love you all very much and remember you in our prayers.

Yours in His Service,

G.V. Mathai

April 2017

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He Is Risen!

Dear Ones in Christ,

The disciples were discouraged after the death of our Lord, but then He appeared to them following His resurrection and encouraged them to be of good cheer. In John 14:9 He told them, “…because I live, you will live also.” What a marvelous gift God has given to those who believe and trust in the death, burial, and resurrection of His Son!

The Lord’s great desire was that His disciples take the good news of the Gospel to every people group. He promised to be with them till the end of the age as they delivered the message of salvation to a sinful world, hopeless without Christ. I believe God wants everyone to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel in their lifetime. He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should repent and be saved.

We thank the Lord for raising up many beloved ones in America to partner with the work of our Lord in India. Along with reaching unsaved people, IEM has also been ministering to the physical needs of those less fortunate in health and finances.

Our Bible College students are currently on a three-month summer mission to the north and northeastern states of India, conducting house-to-house visits, holding Bible studies, conducting VBS, and hosting open-air meetings. Many of the men and women who completed our Leadership Training Institute are also engaged in the same work. Please continue praying for their protection and the fruitfulness of their ministry, that many may come to know Christ.

The children in our Children’s Home are now on summer break. Many who grew up in our Children’s Home have graduated from high school, gone on for further studies, and found good jobs. Others have joined with our Bible School and are serving the Lord in other ways as well. Many are now married and have children of their own. They are grateful for those who sponsored, prayed, and provided hope and help throughout their young lives.

At this time there is much maintenance work taking place on our campus while the students are away. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance in all the activities of the ministry, and for our annual Board meeting coming up on May 5-6.

We are extremely grateful for your faithful partnership in helping us fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord. We encourage you with these words: “Because He lives, I can face tomorrow; Because He lives, all fear is gone.” We love you and pray for you!

Yours in His Service,

G.V. Mathai