August 2017

Written by Michael Taylor on . Posted in Prayer Letters

Dear Ones in Christ,

My son Dayan and I thank God for His faithfulness in giving us a safe journey to India and allowing us to accomplish many things for the Lord. Thank you for your fervent prayers on our behalf and for your financial support of the ongoing ministry.

The monsoon season in India (June-July) not only brought heavy rains, but also the spread of a deadly viral fever, which has taken the lives of many people. Sadly, the mother of one of our 7th grade children (Kiran Raj) died from the fever in early August. She was 45 years old, and had been ill for only three days. Please pray for Kiran and his sister, as they are now orphans, that they may feel the love of the Heavenly Father. Pray also that God would continue to put a hedge of protection around our IEM campus so that the believers, students, and children will be protected from the fever.

Through the summer ministry of our Bible College students, many young people came to know the Lord in the northern provinces of India. About 15 of these new believers came in June to join our Bible College. We currently have 70 students enrolled in the Bible College. They are very committed to studying the Word of God and taking the message of salvation back to their villages.

As you know, my wife Mariamma was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, and I came home a week early to be with her. She has started the medication treatment, and so far the side effects are minimal. Thank you all for loving us and for upholding her in your prayers.

On August 3rd one of our long-time board members, May Carpenter (wife of Dr. Bob Carpenter) went home to be with the Lord. Bob and May were a great influence in helping with the work of our Lord in India, and great will be their reward. Please pray for Sister May’s family at this time. The memorial service will be in November.

Let us remember that “God is still on the throne, and He will remember His own.” We can thank God for the redemption He has brought to our lives. May we share the Good News with a dying world and do our utmost for the furtherance of the Gospel. We love you very much and uphold you in our prayers.

Yours in His Service,
G.V. Mathai