July 2018

Written by Michael Taylor on . Posted in Prayer Letters

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers while I was away on my recent ministry trip to India. I believe this was only the second time in 40 years that my father has missed a June trip to India (the other time was in 2005 when he had heart surgery). Please continue praying for my mom and dad’s health. We are praying that Dad’s health will improve so he can return to India in January.

I thank the Lord for giving me a very fruitful trip, as I had the opportunity to meet with and encourage our ministry partners in Kerala and Mumbai. I was also encouraged by my visits with the students, faculty, and staff at the Bible College, and the children and staff at the Children’s Home. It is incredible to see how God is working in the land of India.

I also had the opportunity to meet with the Leadership Training Institute planning team in Kerala. We had productive meetings discussing hopes and plans for the upcoming year and improvements that we can make to strengthen the leadership program. Please pray for all of these ministries as we ask God to give us continued wisdom and discernment.

On one of my first days in Kerala, I was honored to participate in the inauguration ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the school year. I am so glad to bring back a good report of the Bible College students. They are bright, energetic, and ready to learn and grow as disciples of Christ. Please pray for these students as they learn more about God’s character and encounter His transformative love.

The children at the Children’s Home also warmly welcomed me with a special program where they sang songs and performed skits. I also had the chance to visit with them during their evening prayer time. Please continue to pray for the Children’s Home ministry, especially for wisdom as we face new challenges that are confronting many Christian organizations across India. We are thankful that we are in good standing with the government and the ever-changing regulations. But, we ask for your prayers for God’s continued protection.

During the second part of my trip, I traveled north to Mumbai where I met with nine of our local evangelists who are focusing on ministry in the slums. I was so encouraged by their testimonies and the ministry updates they shared. I also taught a Bible class which was recently started by one of our new churches in the growing city of New Mumbai. This weekly Bible class is designed for new Christians as they seek to grow in the Lord. I shared passages and encouragements from Romans 8 about the security that we have in Christ.

Once again, thank you for your continued and faithful prayers for the ministry in India. Your love, prayers and encouragement were truly felt on this trip. We love you very much and are praying for you also.

Yours in Christ,
Dayan Mathai
Executive Director