Church Plantings

Now wherever evangelists go, they start Bible studies, conduct house-to-house visitation, and hold church in homes until they can have a worship center. IEM provides partial support to the evangelists and helps construct a church building for the saints in their community. It brings these Christians great joy to have a place to worship & fellowship together.

Through the various ministries of IEM, the main goal is to win the lost and enable them to come together to worship the Lord. Church planting is one of the main objectives of IEM There are believers in some of the villages, where our evangelists are working, that do not have a place to worship.

To purchase land and to build a church in which the local believers may worship is estimated at $5,000. US dollars. This would be an excellent project for an individual, a church, or even a Sunday school group. If you would like more information on how you or your group may help in the construction of a new church in India, or if you would like to sponsor an evangelist at the cost of $100. US dollars per month, please contact us.